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The Sacramento Bee: Californians want self-driving vehicles to be zero emission, survey says

August 19, 2021

A majority (70%) of Californians believe that companies developing self-driving vehicles should focus on making them zero-emission instead of gas-powered, according to a new survey conducted by Global Strategy Group and New Bridge Strategy.

The survey of registered voters found that 74% of Californians agree that developing zero-emission vehicles is an important step in reducing air pollution, while 70% said zero-emission automated vehicles would be “an important step in combating climate change.”

The survey was commissioned by the autonomous vehicle company Cruise, in partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The groups are advocating on behalf of SB 500, which is currently under consideration in the Assembly and which would prohibit the operation of autonamous vehicles that are not zero-emission.

“This proposed legislation will ensure that the autonomous vehicle industry, from the outset, pairs innovations in sensors and software with zero emission technology,” said Elizabeth Irvin of the Union of Concerned Scientists. “To deliver on their promise of a more efficient future, autonomous vehicle companies must electrify their fleets as they come into widespread use. California legislators can demonstrate true leadership toward reducing pollution and cleaning our air by passing this bill. This effort is essential to get us to the clean transportation system of the future.”

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