VICTORY: We did it!

Technology companies are developing self-driving cars that could revolutionize transportation — and they're building them right here in California.

But in our current climate crisis, new technology won't do us any good if it's built on the same old pollution-emitting cars.

We want to create a future where zero emission autonomous vehicles help tackle climate change and create new green energy jobs.

But we can’t do it alone.

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Real Innovation is Zero Emission

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Our Open Letter­

California is in the midst of an extreme drought and at high risk for more devastating wildfires. We are already experiencing the effects of climate change, driven in large part by carbon-powered transportation.

The state is working to change this course, by issuing a zero emission mandate for new vehicles by 2035 and setting the nation’s first Clean Miles Standard for ride-hailing fleets. Autonomous vehicles represent the future of transportation, but most of the industry, including billion-dollar tech companies, have not committed to zero emission fleets.

Now, a bill before the California State Legislature presents an opportunity to take action now to ensure that the future of transportation is clean and accessible to all Californians.

SB 500, which would require autonomous vehicles to be zero emission by 2030, is a key step in ensuring AV companies electrify their fleets as they come into widespread use and deliver on their promise of positive change. The effort is especially important because nearly every major environmental measure at the Capitol has been killed or shelved this session.

Our coalition of leading environmental, science, labor, and autonomous vehicle groups challenges the AV industry and California regulators to take action. If the AV industry is serious about transforming transportation for the better, it owes Californians a commitment to decarbonize AV fleets.

Legislators can act now to make the industry all-electric and meet the state’s ambitious zero emission goals while creating more well-paying union jobs and healthier communities.

Climate change is here. So is a chance to tackle the existential threat. California must seize it – and we hope you’ll join our charge to do this.

About Us

Emission Zero is a coalition of leading environmental, science, labor, and autonomous vehicle groups.

Our partners — including the California State Association of Electrical Workers, the Coalition of California Utility Employees, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Cruise — are united in our vision that the future of transportation is safer, cleaner, and can create new jobs for Californians.

Real innovation in transportation should be zero emission.

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